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Air Conditioning Services in Hemet, CA by Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating

Summers in Hemet mean one thing: staggeringly high temperatures and hot, dry air. You can take steps to keep yourself cool during the summer months – anything from lightweight clothes to frequent dips in a nearby swimming pool – but at the end of the day, a high quality air conditioning system is your first and best defense against the hot weather of summer. With it, your home becomes an oasis of comfort, allowing you to come home to cool temperatures and escape the beastly weather outside. But it can’t do the job if it’s suffering from problems, and even simple inefficiency can cost you in unnecessarily high energy bills.

With a company like Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating in your corner, however, you can put those fears to rest. We apply three decades’ worth of experience to your air conditioning issues, and make sure your system functions at the highest possible efficiency throughout the summer months. If you’re looking to install a new system or simply want to fix your old one, then call us today. You’ll be glad you did!

Contact Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating for air conditioning services in Hemet, CA.

Air Conditioning Installation

A new air conditioner is a big purchase, and as such you want to make sure you get the most out of it. That starts with buying a high–quality system that is properly sized to fit your home. Sizing refers to the power output, which should be neither too large nor too small for your space. Then you need a professional service to install it.

With quality tools and attention to every step, your new system won’t suffer from any loss of efficiency when you run it. The components won’t be subjected to unnecessary strain, leading to lower energy bills and a reduced risk of repairs in the future. Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating has the resources and personal to install your new air conditioner properly and is standing by to help you make the most out of this all–important investment. Contact us today to set up a consultation. Our friendly staff will answer all your questions and help you pick a system that’s right for you!

Air Conditioning Repair

So you’ve had your new air conditioner installed and are enjoying its benefits as Hemet, CA’s ferocious summer bears down on you. That’s a good first step. But with your investment now in place and keeping your home cool, you want to make sure you keep it running efficiently for many years to come. That’s where a reliable maintenance service can perform wonders.

Servicing an air conditioner isn’t the same as repairing it. It’s more like a tune–up session. The technician cleans off dirty components, recharges the refrigerant, tightens any fittings that may have come loose, and checks the system for any potentially large problems that are currently very small ones. Not only do you help mitigate high repair bills in the end, but you can lower your summer cooling bills and extend the life of your system. Contact Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating for more on how an air conditioning maintenance plan can benefit you!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A quality air conditioning system is a good start, and proper maintenance can help you to avoid a lot of trouble, but sooner or later every system needs repairs. That can be a big problem if such needs show up unexpectedly during a killer heat wave. You can avoid the worst of it by looking for signs of trouble in your air conditioning system and contacting the experts at Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating immediately when found. Such signs include anything out of the ordinary, such as a lack of cool air, high energy bills, or poor airflow.

We’ll arrive on the scene, perform an accurate evaluation and discuss your options with you before performing any needed repairs right the first time, every time. We’ll then discuss option for avoiding those problems in the future and set up a plan for helping you get the most out of your system. When repairs are needed, the sooner you can address them the better. We offer fast and efficient service to ensure that the unexpected doesn’t knock your system out for long, and that any problems your air conditioner may be experiencing won’t leave you at the mercy of our hot summer weather.