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Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating, a Hemet, CA Air Conditioning and Heating Company

The Inland Empire is well known for its hot, dry summers, when temperatures can climb into the triple digits and heat waves can last for weeks. Our desert atmosphere also makes for its share of chilly nights in the winter, which means that homeowners must keep their air conditioning systems and their heating systems in top shape. That’s where we come in.

For over 30 years, Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating has served communities in Hemet, CA and throughout Riverside County with a full range of heating and air conditioning services. Whether you’re looking to install a new unit, repair an old one, or simply get a regular check-up for it, we have the right combination of experience and know-how to get the job done. If you’re looking to solve a problem with your heating and air conditioning system, or your old system has given up the ghost, give us a call to set up an appointment. We’ll discuss your options with you, and then implement a solution with courtesy and care!

Contact Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating for heating and air conditioning services throughout Hemet and the Inland Empire.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioners are an indispensable part of our households in the summer. Stifling heat and desert temperatures turn Hemet, CA into an oven for months on end, with hot, dry air all but inescapable. Homeowners need a reliable air conditioner to keep their families comfortable, and businesses need a commercial system that can cool not only their employees, but any visiting customers as well. Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating has three decades of experiences handling both residential and commercial air conditioning issues, and we know that you need first–rate service that takes care of the problem the first time, every time. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

Heating Installation

Desert communities like ours are well–known for our hot summer days. However, winter nights can be quite chilly and, while air conditioners are often the priority for local homeowners, we need to pay equal attention to heaters. Heating systems should be regularly maintained and repairs should be noted and addressed before the temperature starts to drop. That way, your system is ready to go when that first cold night arrives, and you’re not left without a cozy, comfortable home to see it through. The experts at Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating can install, repair and maintain heating units of all varieties. Make us your first choice for getting yours ready to go!

HVAC and Air Conditioning Repair and Servicing

A reliable air conditioning and heating system begins with a quality installation by trained professionals: ensuring that the fittings are tight and the system can run without hitches. But that’s just the start of the process. Ideally, you should have your system serviced by trained professionals once or twice a year, to make sure it’s ready for whatever our weather can throw at us. And for those times when prevention isn’t enough, you need a team that can respond quickly and efficiently to any repair calls. Whatever your needs, the experts at Hemet Valley Air Conditioning & Heating can cover it, so give us a call today!